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Marc Girouard, Printmaker/Designer

Marc Girouard is currently a man, printmaker and designer in Portland, Oregon. He makes woodcuts, mono prints and screen prints of great people, greatly terrible people, and terribly childish humor while simultaneously cranking out quality freelance design projects. He is a board member and gallery coordinator at the Flight 64 printmaking cooperative. In 2008 he received a BFA in printmaking at Ball State University. Marc’s work has been featured at many high-toned places such as a pizza shop and the Portland International Airport. Buy it all up before someone else does by clicking shop above.


Now with 25% less insecurity!

If you’re interested in a design quote please carefully describe your project using only the most important words on the contact page. I am also available for hire on Feel confident that I will take on your project if it includes one or more of the following: cocks, rockets, hot-air balloons, robots, luchadores, monkeys, coffee, pie, elegant cats, masks, snark, wit, hyperbole, patterns, or toys.