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Marc Girouard

Marc Girouard, Printmaker/Designer

Oh, hello.

Marc Girouard is currently a man, printmaker and designer in Portland, Oregon. He makes woodcuts, mono prints, screen prints, drawings, logos, ads and other print materials. He is a board member and gallery coordinator at the Flight 64 printmaking cooperative and Art Director at Elephants Delicatessen. Marc’s work has been featured at many high-toned places such as a pizza shop and the Portland International Airport.

Now with 25% less insecurity!

If you’re interested in a design quote please carefully describe your project using only the most important words on the contact page. I am also available for hire on Feel confident that I will take on your project if it includes one or more of the following: cocks, rockets, hot-air balloons, robots, luchadores, monkeys, coffee, pie,¬†elegant cats, masks, snark, wit, hyperbole, patterns, or toys.¬†